Friday, July 10, 2009

Promising new tool, seeclickfix additional info

Hello CAU,

After reading local and national traffic planning blogs and news feeds for the better part of the year, we finally found an online tool that may be very useful for Cedar Ave United. The website recently got some national attention; read about it here if you like:

Steve B. created a 'watch area' for Cedar Ave United; now we have a simple way to keep track of the complaints for Cedar Ave. And guess what, when you file a complaint about the street on the website, it appears to send it directly to 311, making this an easy way to go right up the food chain.

Our watchgroup is here: if you sign up to 'follow' the CAU watch area you will receive an update whenever a complaint is logged within the area. Our watch area may help to add unity to our complaints in the future, at the very least it is currently helping us stay updated on where people are having concerns.

Here is a link directly to the map with concerns noted:

Please chime in and log your trouble spots, we really need your input. Also make sure to check out our website for updated meeting information and developing events!

Thanks everyone in advance for their participation!

Will Peterson

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Ben said...

Seems like you guys have gotten SeeClickFix to work in Minneapolis.
You're reporting an 311 is responding.

We'd love to help you get the word out to other Minneapolans(sp?)

Shoot me an email: